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  • Mood: Peaceful
In another attempt to connect with my watchers, here are 50 obscure facts about me that you probably didn't want to know

1. I've only ever been in two romantic relationships, and both were serious
2. My favourite flowers are "dream come true" roses (basically pink/yellow)
3. I was illiterate until I was 8
4. I had a problem with nosebleeds as a kid, my longest one lasting around 3 hours
5. I'm allergic to plasters and nickel
6. I have quite a large collection of animal plushies, tea cups and very old books
7. I really like board games like pictionary, chess and articulate
8. My favourite fruit is sharon fruit (aka persimmons)
9. I LOVE animal documentaries to the point that my mum used to nick-name me David Attenborough 
10. I was an only child literally until this year when my half-sister Ava was born
11. I only eat veggie/duck sushi, fish sushi grosses me out
12. The oldest book I own is a copy of Robin Hood that's 104 years old
13. The first game I ever played was Bubble Bobble
14. I was a part of the St John First Aid Cadets for 8 years and earned some of the highest awards available for my age group
15. I was invited to Buckingham Palace aged 16 to be awarded the Grand Prior Award by Princess Anne (the snacks were really nice omg)
16. If I was a bird I'd probably be a magpie
17. I'm teaching myself to play ukulele because my hands are delicate and tiny and the tabs are easy to read
18. I'm generally very oblivious when it comes to flirting and sexual innuendos ;///;
19. I hug people in my sleep and will always gravitate to anything warm
20. I've lived in 16 different homes, several of which were above pubs my mum owned (I currently live with my partner)
21. I really like trying different food from around the world, my favourites being Mexican, Indian and Japanese
22. I struggle with severe anxiety, but due to being able to keep calm and confident on the outside people don't always believe me
23. I'm shy around new people, but I love to talk to new people too ;-;
24. I get really grumpy when I'm hungry/tired
25. I love da booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
26. When I was 13 I thought I was bisexual until I discovered pansexuality around 17
27. Pastries make me happy
28. I really really really love dogs, but I have yet to own one
29. I owned a cat named Izzy until she went missing when I was 7, and I owned a giant African land snail named Gary from ages 12 till 16, when he died (I think because his tank wasn't warm enough, I was very upset :c )
30. Pancake day is my favourite holiday
31. I'm atheist but spiritual
32. From a young age I was obsessed with dragons (and still am a little bit lol)
33. I have a rocky relationship with my dad, but I'm very close with my mum
34. I know a hell of a lot about anatomy, including the names of most bones/organs
35. I am arachnophobic, nyctophobic and trypophobic
36. My fursona is a dog literally because I have a lot of dog-like quirks 
37. I wish I had really long hair
38. I have a little bit of an addiction to coca-cola
39. My dream is to be a kawaii magical girl
40. I consider myself a feminist, but one that is actually rational and cares about equality for everyone
41. I met my first love by chance on DA, and despite a messy break up we are still the best of friends - I met my current love at high school and we've been inseparable ever since <3
42. I don't mind blood and gore, but psychological horrors freak me out
43. My first manga was Naruto (aged 13) and I have loved anime/manga ever since (you can call me the queen of weebs)
44. Metal Gear Sold 3, The Walking Dead (season 1) and To The Moon are the only games that have ever made me cry
45. My favourite sweets are candy corn and toasted marshmallows
46. I've broken both my wrists, and I broke my elbow so severely that I had to have metal pins in it (I still have a large scar and the joint tends to click)
47. I love carboot sales and have mastered the art of picking out hidden gems amongst crap
48. I have really sensitive skin and will often react badly to cleaning products and certain brands of soap
49. I have phone anxiety
50. I'm very ticklish


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
17th January 1996
Capricorn ♑
(probably at a car boot sale)

Sweets, video games, old books, drag queens, antiques, weird fashion, bad kids films (especially if they feature talking animals), Japan, debates, cartoons/anime, dogs, cute things, puns, theatre, retro-future, ALT art, poetry, curiosities, songs you've never heard of

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Merimutt Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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Haha no problem! <3
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